Thursday, February 21, 2008

Biricik Babiskomm

My beloved dad began to learn English. He has a great passion for learning and learning for lifetime. I am totally his girl!!!
He called me lately to ask how to say "to go to work on foot". I said it is not "by walking"; it should be "on foot": a new form. He is so sweet. I love him so much. Another unforgettable moment: Daddy has sent a SMS to mummy saying "I miss you!" :) He also called me 3 months ago to ask for the lyrics of Sinatra's "My Way". He added that it should be easy to sing it for him. I found it on internet and since I sent it, he has been singing the song by listening his ipod.
By the way, he loves music very very much. He always carries his ipod and listens Latin and oldies music, while he is going to work on foot, to shopping in bazaar and while working in the garden.
He is so attached to the life. Life is so attached to him... Thanks to God.

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