Monday, February 25, 2008


Zonguldak... Memleketim.. Cocuklugum, gencligim...
My hometown; my childhood, my youth... the place that made me myself. I miss there very much.
Zonguldak is an industrial city in the Black Sea region of Turkey. Its population was around 616,000. It is an important seaport on the Black Sea for trade with other Black Sea countries. The main reason for industrialization is the coalmines.
Coal is explored in 1829. It was a great hope for industrialization. Since coal has a high calories, it is mainly used in steel production and steam trains, the symbols of industrial revolution. The city was founded on coalmine industry, mainly directed by public enterprise, TTK.
It was once the attraction point for migration from other cities, such as Trabzon, Ankara, Sinop, Erzincan, Rize and Artvin, etc. However, today the population is continuously declining due to economical conditions.
Its nature is awesome. It is the meeting point for green and blue.
The forests cover 52% of Zonguldak. However it has limited number of coasts, it has a structure of seaside cliffs. This makes it astonishing.
Zonguldak has a pretty different name. There are some stories for its etymology:
- The name comes from Zone Geul-Dagh (Goldag zone - Göl Dağı Bölgesi) given by French and Belgian mining companies, because there is mountain near city centre; according to Catholic Encyclopedia of year 1908.
- The name originates from the Turkish "zongalık" or "zongura", meaning that it is the reflection of men shaking because the region is threatened with malaria once upon a time.
- Zonguldak have arisen from the name of the nearby ancient settlement of Sandrake- today's Filyos river - which is said to be the land of Luwians, a branch of Hitittes.
- The name comes from a compound word, namely Jungle-Dagh, from jungle which the French entrepreneurs named due to uneven and wooded geography, and dağ meaning "a mountain" in Turkish.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Benden Resimler

I gave a break for painting for one and a half year. Lately, I started to spare time to that via a painting course. Thanks to TSAG :)
I share my latest paintings here. The first one in this course is dedicated to my mummy. Since she loves autumn colors, I painted one, named as "Hazan". Here it is:

I couldn't find the complete version. I will revise the photo later.
Yes, I established the final version of the picture:

The next painting is for my mother-in-law. She loves nature so much and colorful flowers, especially poppies. She wanted me to paint one. Here is the Fer'dane - Flaming Piece:

Biricik Babiskomm

My beloved dad began to learn English. He has a great passion for learning and learning for lifetime. I am totally his girl!!!
He called me lately to ask how to say "to go to work on foot". I said it is not "by walking"; it should be "on foot": a new form. He is so sweet. I love him so much. Another unforgettable moment: Daddy has sent a SMS to mummy saying "I miss you!" :) He also called me 3 months ago to ask for the lyrics of Sinatra's "My Way". He added that it should be easy to sing it for him. I found it on internet and since I sent it, he has been singing the song by listening his ipod.
By the way, he loves music very very much. He always carries his ipod and listens Latin and oldies music, while he is going to work on foot, to shopping in bazaar and while working in the garden.
He is so attached to the life. Life is so attached to him... Thanks to God.

Coookkk zaman oldu...

Although I am not used to beginning and closely stopping doing smt, I had a break to think what is the "value at stake" behind the existence of my blog. It would be not a lie that it took two years to decide.
I am still the same Ansı. Within this period, I tied the knot with my sevgi'lim Ismail; I completed my master's degree (except my thesis); I upgraded my job and responsibilities in the same company. As you understood, I lived only for moments.
OK then. I hear you are asking what the reasoning of this blog is then... The moments I want to never forget, the pieces of my drawings and photos (further may be other things) and the things I want to share with my buddies.
Thanks for your patience. See you then.