Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I am ill unfortunately. For 3 days, I have been jailed into my bed.
My illness is called USYE(abbr.) in Turkish, something between cold-flu and pneumonia; being not dangerous as in second, but not being overcame easily as in first. My throat is aching terribly, I sneeze pretty much and snivelling is the bonus... uuughh..
The situation is weird somehow, because I need to sleep but I have to work too. Thanks God, I had no meetings at the beginning of the week.

Lying on the bed, you have so much to think.. if you are alone. This is for normal human-being. What about me? As usual, I found something amusing rather than resting:
All day, I wandered plenty of blogs to catch an idea for my own. And I decided that the most attractive ones are those which have travelling notes, pictures, guidelines for something.
Let's analyze what is on my hand:
- I am not a nomadic person. I worked for 6 years here. I do travel much, but always to the same places. And now it's cold outside, I prefer being at home for hibernation during winter :)
So that, this page will be occupied with some bunch of my travel memories until Spring.
- I am keen on taking photos. Lately, I am attending the fundamentals of photography seminars.
So, my blog will become a trash bin for my talented(!) and stylish artistic practices. Thanks for patience :)
- I forget tiny details in my daily life. But late on, I look for them.
I will post my notes, yesss, that's a good idea.

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girl about the town said...

hi my dear!
congrats on your blog!looking forward to reading your stories.
i am so sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. please take a good rest and get well soon!
love you !