Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Late in the office

I am still in the office, waiting for my photography seminar and finalizing some waiting issues.
I am tired today. I dealt with Schengen Visa. Yes, I will go to Paris this Thursday. But I have no visa yet.
I immediately completed necessary documents and gave to the Consular. I hope I will get it right away.
This is not a touristic visit, it's just for business. I will be in Paris for 2 days, from Thursday to Saturday.
Hotel's web site is www.lemeridien.com/france/paris/accommodation_fr1610.shtml. Let's see it.
Sshh, a secret: I would rather go to Paris with my love for a romantic vacation.


girl about the town said...

hey! you're going to France? great! I envy you! :))please have fun , I am sure it is going to be a nice change for you !can't wait to see the pictures!!!!

girl about the town said...

hi sweetie!
i am STILL looking forward to hearing about your trip to France! i know that you are super busy and have no time to update your blog but.....